Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mike has problem with Link & Learn PasswordFwd: Link & Learn Password

The followig message was sent to the webmaster by Mike xxxxxx.:
I am a returning tax volunteer and have been having a problem with my
password. It worked on Jan. 3, 2010 but did not work the next time I tried
to log in. I then requested another password (several times actually) and
have not received another password. It has been approximately 24 hours since
my last attempt.
Could you assist me with this matter? My username is xxxxxxxx.

Mike xxxxxx


  1. Linklearn is obscenely slow. I shouldn't have time to wait for the page to load, google to find this blog, read a few pages, and post this comment before my page loads while taking a practice test. Now I see why the test isn't timed.

  2. Dear Anonymous at 1:09PM
    Thanks for posting your opinion here. Your comment will be exposed to the rest of the world and other users.

  3. Logging in is impossible: after 20 slow attempts, the website keeps reloading with the login page blank. Help please - I have to get certified in two days. Thank you.