Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pub 4491-W TaxWise 2008 Answers

Answers for the IRS Link and Learn tests or tests in the workbook to obtain certifications are available through the local IRS office through the local IRS Relationship Manager.

For obvious reasons, it is not provided on-line or in the test booklet.

If you are grading the paper tests and need the answer sheets, you should be able to obtain them from the source described above.

If you are a potential volunteer trying to find out the answers, please note that the test is open book, without strict time limits, and is designed to make you think about the situations enountered in a filling tax returns. The situations you encounter when doing taxes may be more complicated than those in the test. If you are unable, unwilling, or do not have the time to look up the answers to questions in the available training material and reference documents, but pass the exam by using the answer sheet, how confident and comfortable would you feel when working with a taxpayer? You may want to rethink your decision to volunteer and the time commitment required.


  1. Isn't there a difference between publication 4491-w with practice problems and Form 6744 with the test/retest items?

    Why not the answers for the practice items?

  2. You are correct, and the answers to the practice problems are supposed to be provided through the IRS website, and through site coordinators.

    Thanks for pointing this out. A copy of the test results will be provided soon, with a link to it posted here.

  3. I didnt pass the 1 test and i have gone over all of the question for about 2 hrs and i,a not sure of the wrong ones. this is driving me crazy for sure