Monday, December 22, 2008

College Credit for passing tax certification?

I am helping recruite volunteers as an AmericorpsVISTA.

Can volunteers get college credit for passing the courses?

Would you recommend usingboth the workbook and Link and Learn or both?

Personally I would recommend studying the bookand using link and learn to review and codify the learning experience.

Dave xxxxxx

  1. Whether volunteers get college credit for passing the courses would depend on the college where credit is sought. There does not appear to be any mechanism announced through the IRS that grants college credit.
  2. The certification tests may have questions designed to force you to refer to the reference materials such as Pub 17 and Pub 4012; however, pdf versions of those documents and other material may help you get where you need to go even if hard copy paper documentation is not available
  3. There are alternative methods to get the training and certification needed depending on your circumstances, and what you have access to, and the knowledge level of the volunteer. Testing and certification to prepare taxes differ from taking a college course in that ultimately what is required is properly filling out tax returns for the community that is served.
  4. Hope this helps. Further comments may be added to the appropriate section at the end of this posting.

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